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Jermaine Jackson - Save Tomorrow

Jermaine Jackson - Save Tomorrow
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Jermaine Jackson - Save Tomorrow

1. Radio Edit 3:39

2. European Radio Mix 3:37

3. Extended Mix 5:12

4. Short Edit 3:04

5. Extended Instrumental 6:09

Produced by Gareth Cousins for Dusty Records
Executive Producer: Paul Sutin & Andreas Weihs
Recorded and Mixed at Dinemec Sound Studios Geneva, Switzerland

AWP251-2 I LC 05490 I GEMA
The copyright in this sound recording is
owned by Dusty Records / AW Music Productions
A Unit of AW Music Entertainment Group. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © by Andreas Weihs. All rights reserved.
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"Save Tomorrow", the song written and composed by singer/songwriter Theresa Rhodes and performed in a duet by her and legendary Jermaine Jackson more than 25 years ago, is remastered and for the first time available as Jermaine’s solo version. The song is produced by Gareth Cousins for Dusty Records label. The British recording engineer and music producer Gareth Cousins is originally trained at Abbey Road Studios and best known for his score mixing work on films such as Gravity, Baby Driver, Suicide Squad, and Notting Hill.

Theresa and Jermaine first met each other in 1994 in Zimbabwe during an anti-elephant poaching campaign and they started discussing the many concerns about the world. Theresa told Jermaine about her first song that she wrote and composed after seeing constant terrible images of war zones where "too much pain, too much sorrow" happens and especially children becoming victims. Theresa played "Save Tomorrow" for Jermaine and he liked its message and he offered to sing it with her. Theresa and Jermaine publicly performed "Save Tomorrow" together during a charity concert in London before recording the duet version in December of 1994 at Dinemec Studios in Geneva, Switzerland, produced by Matt Clifford.

The duet version of "Save Tomorrow" was originally released in 1995 by the Dusty Records label of AW Music Entertainment Group. Jermaine and Theresa went on a huge promotional tour across all major cities in Germany to make numerous appearances on television, radio shows and live performances in discotheques. The single reached several top ten positions in various German radio charts. A music video for "Save Tomorrow" was also made showing Jermaine and Theresa working together in the recording studio and it was assembled with Red Cross images of the war in Sarajevo, as well as footage showing the Rwanda exodus following the genocide in that country. However, the video was deemed “too sad” to go public at the time, so little use was made of it during the promotional tours and it was finally shelved. The video was later published on YouTube only a couple years ago.

Experiencing that music is a universal language all over the world and loving to reach people through his music, Jermaine uses his voice and fame to create social impact by addressing the state of the world and bringing positive messages across. “Save Tomorrow” was and is a timely reminder of the horrors happening in the world and close to our borders. The remastered solo versions of "Save Tomorrow" by Jermaine Jackson are released for the first time ever by AW Music Entertainment Group in 2022 to help place the spotlight on humanity and peace in the world.

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Thursday 02 September 2021

Don't Stop - Laurnea


Don't Stop - Laurnea

Reunited with producer Rick Gianatos as they unleash this pounding  Energy cover of the Sylvester Disco Classic!


A 10 track CD of mixes produced by Rick Gianatos including 

1. Matt Pop Club Mix
2. Matt Pop Dub mix
3. Matt Pop Radio Edit
4. Rinaldo Montezz Club Mix
5. Rinaldo Montezz Dub Mix
6. Rinaldo Montezz Radio Edit
7. Rick Gianatos Original Recipe Club Mix
8. Rick Gianatos Original Recipe Radio Edit
9. David Raschka’s Trance Mix
10. David Strong MegaMix


Written by James Wirrick and Jeff Mehl

About Laurnea

Laurneá  is an American singer, songwriter and actress.

She has released four studio albums including Betta Listen in 1997, which includes the singles "Can't Let Go" (#55 on the US Billboard 200, #20 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs), "Infatuation" (#37 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs) and "Days of Youth" (#36 in the UK Singles Chart). 
She was part of a studio project by producer Rick Gianatos called "LOVE TWINS" alongside Male Vocalist Phil Gibson. They scored big club success in 1982 with "MIAMI HEATWAVE/On Fire Medley".
Laurnea has also sung vocals for the bands Arrested Development and Loose Ends.
Laurnea has appeared in the films Hoodlum, School Daze and Sing. 
DON'T STOP sees her reunited with producer Rick Gianatos as they unleash this pounding  Energy cover of the Sylvester Disco Classic!
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