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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Beatles - A Day In The Life

The Beatles - A Day In The Life
John Lennon, 1967: “I was writing the song with the ‘Daily Mail’ propped up in front of me on the piano. I had it open at their ‘News In Brief,’ or ‘Far And Near,’ whatever they call it. There was a paragraph about 4000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire, being discovered.”
  John Lennon, November 1968: “It was a good piece of work between Paul and me. I had the ‘I read the news today’ bit, and it turned Paul on. Now and then, we really turn each other on with a bit of song, and he just said, ‘Yeah,’ bang, bang, like that. It just sort of happened beautifully, and we arranged it and rehearsed it, which we don’t often do, the afternoon before, so, we all knew what we were playing…I needed a middle-eight for it, but that would have been forcing it. All the rest had come out smooth, flowing, no trouble, and to write a middle-eight would have been to write a middle-eight, but instead Paul already had one there. It’s a bit of “2001,” you know.”
Paul McCartney: “It was about me remembering what it was like to run up the road to catch the bus to school, having a smoke and going into school. We decided, ‘Bugger this. We’re going to write a turn-on song.’ It was a recollection of my school days. I would have a Woodbine then, and somebody would speak and I would go into a dream. That was the only song on the album written as a deliberate provocation.”
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