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Friday, September 24, 2021

WE LOVE iTALO - Various Artists


WE LOVE iTALO - Various Artists

20 nocturnal classics incl. Silent Circle 80s hit "Touch in the Night", New Italo Hit D.White & DimaD 600 Km , Lady of the Night , Eddie Huntington + many more!


1. Silent Circle              Touch In The Night

2. D.White & DimaD.    600 Km

3. Boys Next Door       Lady of the Night (The Night Affair Mix)

4. Bruce & Bongo        Geil (Ben Liebrand Mix)

5. Sex Shop Boys         Big Tits (St. Pauli Mix)

6. Silent Circle              Stop the Rain in the Night

7. Eddy Huntington     Future Brain

8. Magic                       I Wanna Be Your Lover

9. Bamboo                   Foreign East Love (Club Version)

10.Damian                   The Timewarp (Northernbeat Master Mix)

11.Raw Recruits           Magic Fly

12.Eddy Huntington    The Devil Loves

13.Bamboo                  Foreign  East Love (Radio Verson)

14.Kay Franzes            Burning Desire (Hot Burning Mix)

15.Perfect Zebras        Fascination

16.Boys Next Door      Louisa

17.7th Wonder            Don't Stop

18.Shrink                     Tronik

19.Antartika                Mary's Prayer

20.Kay Franzes           Shadow in the Night (Special Club Mix)



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Silent Circle 80s  "Touch in the Night", New Italo  D.White & DimaD 600 Km  Lady of the Night , Eddie Huntington + many more!
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